Dojo Etiquette

In almost everything we do we must follow some form of rules. There are rules in games, sports, and school. The rules of the Dojo (the place where we train) are much the same as those of your school. We must try and follow them at all times.

  1. Always bow before entering or exiting the Dojo. Bow properly (with your heels touching and hands down) to show respect to the Dojo, your fellow karate-ka, and your Senseis.
  2. Do not wear your shoes in the Dojo. Place your shoes away from the main doors of the gym on the black line. 
  3. No food or drinks are allowed in the Dojo. 
  4. Always be respectful and courteous to those around you in and out of class, especially your Senseis. 
  5. No foul language may be used, and do not insult other karate-ka or Senseis. Any criticism to your peers must be constructive.
  6. Use your common sense. Thinking about our actions is often the best way to avoid unfortunate accidents.
  7. Do not fool around or talk to others while training. You could hurt yourself and/or others.
  8. Sit properly, either in seiza (kneeling), or with your legs crossed.
  9. Ask permission before leaving the dojo.
  10. Students are responsible for coming to class on time. Students who are late must do five jumping jacks for each minute they are late, bow and wait in seiza until asked to join the class. Students who arrive after warm ups will not be credited with attendance for that class. 
  11. Students must always wear a clean gi. 
  12. At the start of the class, after the last kneeling bow, students must say "Onegai shimasu" to begin the class. At the end of the class, after the last kneeling bow, students must say "arigato gozaimasu" to end the class. 
  13. All students 9 years and younger must have their parents sign them in at the beginning of class and sign them out at the end of class. No exceptions. Student whose parents fail to pick them up at the gym will have to wait with a YMCA staff member until their parents can be located.